Essential PhpStorm Tips in Development

PhpStorm is the most famous development tool among PHP developers these days as it is a light and smart IDE for development. It provides in-built support for number of platforms and also it provides flexibility of developing plugins and extend the functionality according to the custom needs. And also there are awesome options available to customize PhpStorm to minimize your coding effort.

In this tutorial I’m expecting to bring your attention to some of the interesting features PhpStorm provides for making developers life easy. I expect you to watch this video and explore more and more features available in the PhpStorm and use them optimally in your day today development work.

I have discussed 4 main tips in this video

  1. File and Code Templates
    PhpStorm have number of in-built code templates which you can create certain file types with code snippets you can start from. And also it provides the flexibility to create our own templates so that we can create files with code blocks which we use very often.
  2. Live templates
    In this feature you have the ability to generate a block of code with a short abbreviation. There are some live templates available in default configuration and an option is available to configure custom live templates to reduce your coding work.
  3. Auto Generating Code
    In this part of the video I’m discussing an interesting feature available there in PhpStorm to auto generate some of the code snippets and minimize your coding effort.
  4. Repeating Elements
    When a variable name, function name or piece of code is exists in multiple occurrences in a file which needs to be modified in all the occurrences at a later time, find and replace would be a one option. But there are many features which can do the same with lesser effort in PhpStorm with good accuracy.

Please go ahead and watch the video, you will learn the above points in detail and practically. And there are many more features like these are available in PhpStorm which will minimize your daily work. Please explore them as well.

I highly appreciate if you could spend a few second to leave your feedback in comments section.